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No Res Ipsa Loquitor for You: DSB&C Secures Another Dismissal for Target

In Urena v. Target Corp., Plaintiffs, as parents and natural guardians of their minor child, claimed their daughter sustained physical injuries when she struck an end cap in Target’s Palm Beach Lakes store while shopping with her mother and grandmother.

Learning to Love Massachusetts Superior Court Rule 9A

Most Massachusetts attorneys have likely heard other attorneys, or have themselves bemoaned one of many Massachusetts-specific rules or requirements that tend to frustrate practicing attorneys: the need for blue ink signatures; the need for original summonses to file with the court; or the dreaded 9C conference—the list goes on.   However, few rules are as […]

Hurry Up and Wait

Subrogation and workers compensation, together, normally are not a topic of conversation at many events or family gatherings. However mundane as it sounds, if you are a workers’ compensation carrier or injured worker, you may want to learn more as Florida law allows for other parties, not just the injured worker, to recover from the third-party who caused the injury.