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Unlocking The Recipe to Successful Subrogation Claim Management

  As a professional cake artist and baker turned attorney, I like to think of a successful subrogation claim as a perfectly constructed recipe. Some may think that overlooking the smallest detail is immaterial. However, if you forget a teaspoon of baking powder in your beautiful pound cake, the consistency will become heavy, grainy and […]

Raising Subro: Building Your Subrogation Dream Team

Achieving success in the subrogation field is largely dependent on the team of subrogation professionals and/or attorneys that you assemble. The two simple, yet critical elements to building your subrogation dream team are hiring the right people for the job and raising them to be stars of your team. Every employer has different criteria that […]

When it Comes to Indemnification in Construction Contracts, the Sky is NOT the Limit

Succeeding on a common law indemnity claim can prove to be difficult, if not impossible, for a general contractor seeking indemnification from a subcontractor. DSCB Partner Hillarie Miller discusses the limits of indemnification in construction contracts.