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What is the Manfredo formula and when will it impact your claim?

Picture this – You’ve paid out a worker’s compensation claim with ongoing medical and indemnity benefits, provided continued notice to the injured employee’s counsel of the ongoing benefits paid and even had your counsel file a Notice of Lien related to these benefits. You now receive correspondence, or a copy of a Notice of Settlement […]

A Guide to Subrogation Pre-Suit Demand Packages

Purpose A pre-suit demand package puts the tortfeasor and/or their carrier on notice of a subrogation claim. It serves as the first formal step in the process for an insurance carrier to inform the at-fault party of the claim and offers an opportunity to settle the claim without litigation. Moreover, it signifies the carrier’s readiness […]

The Applicability of Florida Statute 627.70152 after the Commencement of Litigation

In a recent hearing held on Defendant’s Motion for Entry Upon Land to allow for a re-inspection for an engineer by the Insurer, Plaintiff’s counsel argued that based on Florida Statute 627.70152(4)(a)(3), the Insurer waived its right to re-inspect the Insured’s property and due to this, said Motion should be denied. The Judge in this […]