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Attorney Hillarie Miller Successfully Obtains Final Summary Judgement for Subcontractor Client

This action arose out of the construction of four townhomes in Bay Harbor Islands (the “Project”).  The Owner/Developer entered a Prime Contract with the General Contractor, who subsequently entered various contracts with numerous Subcontractors, including the Client.

To File Arbitration or To File Suit? That is the Question

Arbitration Forums, Inc. (“AF”) was founded in 1943 and is a membership-driven, not-for-profit organization.  Many insurers are signatories to agreements that provide for arbitration.  This means that the insurers agree to submit any applicable claim that may arise between them to AF and agree to forego litigation.

Where the Worlds of Civil Litigation and Philanthropy Intersect

It may sound dubious to think that in the world of civil litigation one can find ways to give back to the community, but hopefully I can provide some helpful insights for other legal professionals who feel a desire to engage, participate and give back to their community by using our unique legal education.   […]