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No Res Ipsa Loquitor for You: DSB&C Secures Another Dismissal for Target

In Urena v. Target Corp., Plaintiffs, as parents and natural guardians of their minor child, claimed their daughter sustained physical injuries when she struck an end cap in Target’s Palm Beach Lakes store while shopping with her mother and grandmother.

Learning to Love Massachusetts Superior Court Rule 9A

Most Massachusetts attorneys have likely heard other attorneys, or have themselves bemoaned one of many Massachusetts-specific rules or requirements that tend to frustrate practicing attorneys: the need for blue ink signatures; the need for original summonses to file with the court; or the dreaded 9C conference—the list goes on.   However, few rules are as […]

Hurry Up and Wait

Subrogation and workers compensation, together, normally are not a topic of conversation at many events or family gatherings. However mundane as it sounds, if you are a workers’ compensation carrier or injured worker, you may want to learn more as Florida law allows for other parties, not just the injured worker, to recover from the third-party who caused the injury.

Michael B. Stevens to Speak on the Implied Co-Insured Doctrine at the 2021 National Association for Subrogation Professionals’ Annual Conference on November 7-8

DSB&C’s Managing Partner, Michael B. Stevens, has been selected by the National Association for Subrogation Professionals to speak at this year’s annual conference. Michael will be speaking on the topic of the Implied Co-Insured Doctrine which he has litigated in various states and in Florida all the way to the Florida Supreme Court. The conference […]

Federal Court Litigation and Considerations for Proceeding with a Magistrate Judge

As the court system seeks to return to its new post-pandemic normal, DSB&C remains committed to legal excellence in representing clients.  The goal in litigated cases is to obtain the fair and just determination in every case.  In Federal Court, consent to a magistrate judge may be a tactical advantage to consider.  28 U.S.C. Chapter […]

Jon D. Derrevere scores another victory for Target at the 11th Circuit Court of Appeal

The premises liability team of DSB&C of our West Palm Beach office successfully defended an appeal in the Eleventh Circuit Court of an Order granting Final Summary Judgment.  In Espinoza v. Target Corp., 843 F. App’x 168, (11th Cir. 2021), Plaintiff claimed physical injuries to her head, neck, back, and shoulder; she also claimed damages […]

Derrevere Stevens Black & Cozad Taps Michael B. Stevens as its New Managing Partner as the Firm Continues its Technological and Geographical Expansion Beyond Florida and into New England

June 1, 2021 – (West Palm Beach, Florida) —- Derrevere Stevens Black & Cozad (“DSB&C”) announced today that Michael B. Stevens has been appointed Managing Partner of the firm, effective June 1, 2021. Michael is the firm’s first Managing Partner to succeed the founding and outgoing Managing Partner, Jon D. Derrevere.   Having made Partner […]

Bryan W. Black Obtains Final Summary Judgment in Personal Injury and Property Damage Case involving Certified Mold Assessor and Indoor Air Quality Testing.

April 13, 2021 – Haskett, et. al. v. Hibiscus Springs Rental Homes, et. al. This action arises out of claims asserted by four (4) Plaintiffs against a Rental Home company, Property Management company, various individual employees and a Certified Mold Assessor & Air Quality Testing Company (“Defendant”). Plaintiffs filed their initial complaint in February 2020 […]

Fourth District Court of Appeals Affirms Summary Judgment in Construction Defect Case.

January 15, 2021 Update – Bryan W. Black, Esq. In June 2020, at the Fourth District Court of Appeals, Appellant/Plaintiff sought plenary review of the final “Order on Defendant’s Motion for Final Summary Judgment”. Appellant argued that (1) the lower court erred in granting final summary judgment in favor of Appellee/Defendant since failure to comply […]

A Win for Subro in a Florida Commercial Landlord/Tenant Dispute

On February 7, 2015, a fire ripped through a 5 Napkins Restaurant on South Florida’s popular outdoor retail strip on Lincoln Road in South Beach. The damages to the building were extensive and ultimately caused the restaurant to close. Michael B. Stevens, Esq., and Mary Grecz, Esq., from Derrevere Stevens Black & Cozad filed a […]

Michael B. Stevens to speak at the National Association of Subrogation Professionals 2019 Annual Conference in Washington, D.C.

Michael B. Stevens has been selected to speak at the upcoming NASP Annual Conference in Washington, D.C., on October 28, 2019. Michael will be discussing Florida Statute §440.39 and the different mechanisms for recovering in worker’s compensation cases in Florida. The statute provides unique procedures with strict deadlines that, when complied with properly, allows a […]

Michael Stevens and Mary Grecz to Present at 2018 NASP Annual Conference

Michael Stevens and Mary Grecz will both be presenting at the 2018 National Association of Subrogation Professionals’ (“NASP”) Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida. Mr. Stevens will be presenting on the topic of Ethical Management, which will cover managing employees on both the insurance carrier and law firm sides. Mrs. Grecz will be presenting on the […]

DSBC Celebrated Halloween 2017

Every year, Derrevere Stevens Black & Cozad celebrates Halloween with an office costume contest. Although unplanned, this year turned out to be “The Year of Winnie the Pooh.” Both Michael Stevens’ and Jon Derrevere’s teams showed up to the office in Winnie the Pooh garb.   Everyone looked spectacular but as with any contest, there […]

Big Firm News!

The West Palm Beach-based law firm of Derrevere Hawkes Black & Cozad has recently changed its name to Derrevere Stevens Black & Cozad. Along with the name change, Michael B. Stevens has become the Managing Partner for the firm’s new satellite office in Boston, Massachusetts. Mr. Stevens manages the Insurance Subrogation and Real Estate Divisions for […]

Bryan Black to Speak at 2018 XL Catlin Adjuster Webinar

Attorney Bryan Black will be speaking at next year’s XL Catlin Adjuster Webinar. Mr. Black will be speaking about Pre-Suit Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Clauses.

Michael Stevens and Teddy Stevens to Speak at 2017 NASP Annual Conference

Michael Stevens and Teddy Stevens will be speaking at the National Association of Subrogation Professionals Annual Conference in Austin, Texas on November 7, 2017. The title of the presentation is: Yes, but is it classy (ethical)?: A year in review of effective/ineffective communications and how to handle it with class. A re-education on how to […]

Bryan Black Obtains Final Summary Judgment in Personal Injury Case involving claim against Architectural Company

December 7, 2016 – Smith v. Calvary, et al: Counsel for Architect: Bryan W. Black. This action arises out of personal injuries sustained by Plaintiff that occurred while Plaintiff was descending stairs in the center aisle of a theater on the Subject property. Plaintiff sustained serious injuries to his legs which have led to multiple […]

Bryan Black Obtains Final Summary Judgment in Construction Defect case involving claim against Individual Architect

December 22, 2016 – 900 Biscayne Condominium Association v. 900 Biscayne, LLC, et al: Counsel for Defendant Architect: Bryan W. Black. This action arises out of claims asserted by 900 Biscayne Condominium against the Developer, Designers, Contractor and Subcontractors. 900 Biscayne, LLC (Developer) also filed cross and third party claims, including claims against certain individual […]

Bryan Black Spoke at 2017 AIA Conference on Understanding Ethics in Architecture

Attorney Bryan W. Black, an Allied Member of the American Institute of Architects, spoke at the organization’s Conference on Architecture on April 29, 2017 in Orlando, Florida. The event featured workshops, seminars, tours and events lead by industry-leading architects and design professionals. Mr. Black, who represents architects and other designers throughout the State of Florida, […]

Jon D. Derrevere Obtains $800,000 Verdict for Client in St. Augustine Gas Station Explosion

After a two week jury trial, and three hours of deliberations, a six member St. Johns County jury found Florida Rock & Tank Lines, Inc. to be primarily at fault for the fuel spill, fire and eventual explosion that destroyed The 5th Wheel BP gas station owned by Coomes Oil & Supply, Inc., and neighboring […]

Michael Stevens to Speak at NASP Florida Conference on April 15, 2014

Michael B. Stevens will be presenting at the National Association of Subrogation Professionals’ Florida Chapter Meeting on April 15, 2014. Mr. Stevens will be speaking about Waivers of Subrogation and Subrogation Prohibitions in Florida. Click here to download a copy of the event’s flyer. If you have any interest in attending, please contact Kris Leal […]

From the Premises Liability Corner: Plaintiff’s Burden of Proof and Discovery Issues

Effective July 1, 2010, Fla. Stat. 768.0755 provides that a business invitee, store customer, who slips and falls on a transient foreign substance in a business establishment must prove that the business owner had actual or constructive knowledge of the dangerous condition. In most cases, the plaintiff has difficulty proving the business owner had actual […]

From the Appellate Corner: The “American Rule”

Always Consider Whether Attorney’s Fees are Available In Jomar Properties, LLC (“JOMAR”) v. Bayview Construction Corp. (“BAYVIEW”), Case No. 4D12-3081 (Fla. 4th DCA September 25, 2013), Senior Appellate Counsel Shirley Jean McEachern, was successful in defending against JOMAR’s appeal from a Final Summary Judgment in favor of the firm’s client BAYVIEW with respect to JOMAR’s […]